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Our city is filled with amazing people with inspirational stories. This is what makes us feel good about our city. The wonder of what you (LANI) do in our neighborhoods and the wonder of the human spirit is what makes it worthwhile. The best days in Los Angeles are yet to come.

Huell Howser, 2007

LANI was making cool places before place-making was cool.

Rick Cole, Deputy Mayor, City of Los Angeles, 2014

LANI is reducing crime. It is creating jobs. It is building businesses and making transportation more accessible to older citizens and people with disabilities. I commend you for taking an active role in this project – it not only renews your own community, but also it serves as a model for other neighborhoods and cities.

President Bill Clinton, 1996

When U.S. Transportation Secretary Frederico Pena asked me how we could “humanize” transportation, I shared a vision of neighborhood revitalization and empowerment where community stakeholders would take control for themselves.I knew the success of this type of program would depend on our people – and I thought we could meet the challenge. Clearly, my hunch was right.

Mayor Richard Riordan, 1998

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