Completed Projects: Wilmington Gateway Project

LANI led the Wilmington Gateway Beautification Committee (WGBC), a subcommittee of the Wilmington Neighborhood Council, through the successful completion of a community-driven planning and design process. The goal was to propel forward a long standing desire within the community to develop a sense of identity for the City of Wilmington through a series of gateway entrances. LANI worked closely with a project steering committee (PSC) of community stakeholders represented by the WGBC, the design team of Mia Lehrer & Associates, and a team of government advisors, to develop a conceptual plan document to be used as a guide for the design and development of the gateway projects.

The resulting Conceptual Plan Document provided the basis for presentations to the Tesoro Refinery and quickly garnered their funding support for the construction of three gateways. All three gateways (at 2101 Pacific Coast Highway, 24415 S. Avalon Street, and the bridge at Anaheim and I Street) feature dramatic permanent banners installed on light poles fifteen feet above the roadway. These green, aluminum, signs leave no doubt that Wilmington residents take great pride in their community. The gateway project also included landscaping elements featuring a variety of nearly 100 colorful shrubs and 65 trees, as well as a bus stop bench and trash receptacle