Active Projects: Western – Gage Park

An innovative approach to urban greening, this project converts a large median and adjacent surplus lot into a thriving and vibrant resource for the community. The project weaves together vacant and under-utilized City property to form an innovative and impactful community park. The neighborhood-preferred elements include a tot lot, adult fitness equipment, open space and a transit plaza. The design features drought-tolerant plant and trees species as well as a water-wise irrigation system, in compliance with the City of Los Angeles’ low impact development requirements. By incorporating features that accommodate a wide spectrum of ages and uses, the park will be integrated into the daily lives of residents, merging physical activity with the public right-of-way.

Neighborhood discussions about improving the median were ongoing for several years. Through a series of open-forum community meetings and extensive outreach, stakeholders determined that the median and lot should be converted into a park that can simultaneously address many diverse needs. Adding beauty, physical activity, relaxation and an improved transit environment, the park will be a place of community connection and gathering, a central destination in this neighborhood for everyone to enjoy.