Completed Projects: Washington Boulevard Conceptual Planning Project

The project area for the Washington Boulevard Conceptual Plan is an approximately three mile stretch of Washington Boulevard bounded by the Harbor Freeway on the west, the 10 Freeway on the north, the Alameda Corridor on the east and South Los Angeles neighborhoods to the south. Within this project area there are a diverse group of users, building conditions and opportunities for development. LANI, along with the community selected design team, led a group of area stakeholders in determining design direction and implementation strategies that address the varying conditions in the project area. The plan establishes a framework for immediate and future improvements along the corridor. The shared vision of the project team included: providing a “safe” street for residents and businesses; enhancing the pedestrian environments to create a sense of place; developing an identity for the corridor; creating a more sustainable street with increased open space; promoting transit-oriented development and activities; and providing a framework for development and economic revitalization to the community.

The final comprehensive plan document has been and continues to serve as a tool in securing funding to implement the improvements and strategies it details.