Completed Projects: Virgil Village Streetscape and Conceptual Plan Projects

Virgil Village is a major arterial and intermodal thoroughfare with significant amounts of daily bus, car, bicycle and pedestrian traffic. This urban neighborhood is home to numerous small businesses and multi-family residences. Through initial funding, LANI assisted the Virgil Village community in developing a work plan detailing area demographics, assets, need and priorities. Funding to implement a portion of the community determined improvement priorities was secured through the federally funded Transportation Enhancement Act. The streetscape improvements, completed in 2001, included decorative pedestrian lights and crosswalks, trees and decorative tree grates, sidewalk repair and bus shelters with access ramps.

In 2010 LANI secured funding through CALTRANS to conduct a community conceptual planning process. The resulting document now serves as a guide for the design development and construction of physical improvements in Virgil Village. The plan provides a traffic calming component and a streetscape improvement plan with in-depth descriptions of the improvements agreed upon by the community including cost estimates. Priority improvements include: plazas, additional enhanced crosswalks, curb extensions, street trees and new street furniture. The Office of Councilman Mitch O’Farrell, Los Angeles City Council District 13, recently opened the Virgil Village bike lane with much enthusiasm from the neighborhood.

The Los Angeles Chapter of the American Planning Association recognized the Virgil Village Conceptual Plan with an award for Public Outreach in 2012.