Completed Projects: San Vicente Median Improvement Project

This project engaged community stakeholders in the process of creating a comprehensive plan for improvements to the San Vicente median between Fairfax and Pico in the Mid-City neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Landscape enhancements were implemented, including new trees, drought tolerant plants, and the installation of decorative planters. The community-driven design relied on a pattern of Coral trees placed at the tips of each median segment with Ficus trees lining the median between the Coral trees as well as decorative planters at specific medians throughout the project area. The project created a unique identity, reinforced the existing pattern of trees, and made San Vicente a more amicable environment

The former Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles (CRA/LA) and the PICO, Olympic Park and Mid City West Neighborhood Councils provided funding for the implementation and construction of this project, a partnership between LANI and Council District 10.