Completed Projects: Peck Park Conceptual Plan Project

The Peck Park Project was a long-time priority of nearby residents as well as civic leaders in San Pedro. In 2004, Councilmember Janice Hahn, the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council and the Peck Park Advisory Board identified funding in order to conduct a conceptual planning process for the Canyon. LANI joined the project to assist with the plan as well as to partner with city agencies to identify funding opportunities to implement the proposed improvements. This multi-pronged effort from the community, elected officials, city agencies and LANI culminated in an award of funds from Proposition O, the Recreational Trails Program and the California River Parkways Grant Program.

These funds were used to revitalize a seasonal stream that empties into the impaired San Pedro Bay and 31 acres of underutilized and unmaintained canyon open space in San Pedro.  The park improves water quality and flood management while creating a much-needed recreational and educational asset for the community.