Completed Projects: West Adams Heights Park

This project converted a 4,000 square foot, empty lot into a neighborhood park. The park features children’s play equipment, adult fitness apparati, a shaded gathering space, a walking path and sustainable landscaping with drought-tolerant plants and trees in addition to a water-wise irrigation system per the City of Los Angeles’ low impact development requirements.  The community chose to name the park after the historic neighborhood in which it is located— West Adams Heights. A group of neighborhood stakeholders served on the project steering committee (PSC). Selected by the PSC, the park’s design team translated the vision of the community into the park design. The final layout is a true representation of the community’s desire in both function, form and spirit.

This park is a part of Los Angeles’s 50 Park Initiative. This project has received funding from the Proposition 84 Statewide Park Program as well as support from Council District 10.