Completed Projects: First 5 LA Tots and Trails Program – Toberman Park

This project renovated and expanded the existing playground at Toberman Recreation Center. The playground was previously unsafe for children’s play as it was being used by stray cats as a litter box and had been shut down. LANI worked with the Project Steering Committee and a playground designer to design and build a new tot-lot, adult fitness zone, and 5-12 playground, as well as renovate the existing swing set. LANI worked with the community to identify desired safety improvements such as rubberized surfacing, fencing, and modern equipment. Site improvements such as new benches, trashcans, and shade structures were also added.

Creating new play spaces for children under 5 years old is the goal of First5 Los Angeles’ Tot Park and Trails program, which provided the funding for the tot-lot and site improvements. Additional funding for the 5-12 playground and the adult fitness zone was provided by the City of Los Angeles Recreation and Parks Department.