Completed Projects: Fairfax Village Median Project

In February of 2004, the Fairfax Village community, along with Councilman Jack Weiss, celebrated the unveiling of a new gateway entry monument and colorfully landscaped median. Signage composed of large white letters reading “Fairfax Village” was revealed on the traffic median on Fairfax Boulevard, south of Melrose Avenue. This completed project represents a true example of community involvement and participation. Furthermore, it was the culmination of many years of planning and improvement in the area, and the beginning of future endeavors for the community.

Initially, LANI seed funds were used for the landscaping and irrigation of the median. Recognizing this investment as an excellent opportunity to leverage and expand the project, the Fairfax Business Association, a local group dedicated to the economic strength of the corridor, applied for and was awarded a Neighborhood Matching Fund grant from Operation Clean Sweep to finance the gateway entry monument.

This project was the realization of an outreach project managed by LANI in 2001 that resulted in the Fairfax Community Work Plan. The Plan included a variety of streetscape improvements, including pedestrian lights, stamped sidewalks and crosswalks, traffic calming elements, seating areas, trees and tree grates.