Completed Projects: Fairfax Avenue Ethiopian Business District Project

This heavily traveled corridor on Fairfax Avenue needed an eye-catching makeover that would attract those driving and walking by to stop and patronize the many local businesses. This project assisted merchants and property owners in developing a marketable identity and name for their district. An existing merchant group, Fairfax Avenue Ethiopian Business District (FAEBD), was instrumental in the successful results achieved.

LANI led the stakeholders through an extensive community engagement process that involved not only the merchants and property owners but surrounding residents as well. Through this process the name SoFax was created and adopted by the corridor. The installation of community designed “SoFax” street banners and strategic façade renovation utilizing a complementary design theme combined to simultaneously provide promotion and beautification for the area. The FAEBD was strengthened through their efforts on this project and has continued to flourish and coordinate ongoing maintenance projects and upgrades to the district.