Completed Projects: Chesterfield Square Gateway Markers

LANI completed the installation of three attractive community gateway monuments at the intersections of Van Ness and Slauson Avenues and Van Ness Avenue and 54th Street. The markers, identifying the Chesterfield Square and Angeles Mesa neighborhoods, help to foster a sense of community identity and pride and welcome all visitors. Constructed of concrete and aluminum, the Chesterfield Square community identifiers feature gray layered stone, marbled with rust and violet, that perfectly accents the mauve colored monuments. The Angeles Mesa marker is characterized by brick and cream stucco columns. The red brick foundation mimics the architecture of the adjacent Angeles Mesa Elementary School, having a unifying effect in linking these community elements. All of the gateway monuments are complemented by aesthetically beautiful landscaping. Lighting elements, elevated to spotlight the plants as they grow, are also a safety feature and improve visibility on the median.

This project, conceived and funded by Los Angeles Councilmember Bernard C. Parks, Council District 8, was a collaborative design between the Council Office and neighborhood representatives. LANI worked with community groups such as the Empowerment Congress Central Area Neighborhood Development Council (ECCAND), the Chesterfield Square Block Club and the Angeles Mesa Land Use Committee to complete the project.