Active Projects: Byzantine-Latino Quarter Transit Plazas, Phase 3

Through initial funding LANI assisted the Byzantine-Latino Quarter (BLQ) Corridor in developing a work plan detailing area demographics, assets, need and priorities. Priority improvements included decorative pedestrian lights and crosswalks, sidewalk repair and neighborhood identifying banners. This project involved comprehensive outreach and stakeholder engagement. The familiarity that LANI gained in BLQ later led business and community stakeholders to enlist LANI’s services in managing the Business Improvement District (BID) that was established in 2003.

LANI was able to secure funding to implement additional enhancements detailed in the community work plan. This second phase of the project involved upgrades to two transit plazas located on Pico Blvd., one at the intersection of Hoover St. and one at Normandie Ave.  The plazas were transformed into gateway markers as well as a place of respite and open space. The plazas feature four-sided illuminated clocks, decorative pedestrian lighting, palm trees and shrubs, ornate tree grates, benches, trash receptacles and bus shelters.

A third phase of the project is currently underway that is expanding the Hoover St. plaza and enhancing its impact and benefit to the community.