Completed Projects: Baldwin Hills Parklands Way-Finding Signage Project

In 2007, LANI was awarded a Proposition 40 grant from the Baldwin Hills Conservancy to implement the Baldwin Hills Parklands Perimeter / Way-Finding Signage Project.  LANI and Mia Lehrer + Associates (ML + A) were hired to fabricate and install signs based on previously developed conceptual renderings. The multiple locations planned for signage installation necessitated some design modifications as the signs had to be approved and vetted by several jurisdictions including:

LANI led the Project Steering Committee (PSC), composed of members of the community, as they selected and prioritized sign designs and locations.  LANI worked closely with each jurisdiction and ML+A to modify the sign specifications and visuals to meet each jurisdictions’ standards.  The various jurisdictions were involved at every stage of the design process and they participated in the PSC meetings as well as separate Technical Advisory Committee meetings. This participation format allowed for a smooth permit review and approval process.

Sign fabrication and installation were successfully completed in the summer of 2011.