Community Support

Organizational Development is an essential part of LANI’s overall neighborhood revitalization strategy. The program is designed to develop sustainable community organizations to assist in carrying out long-term revitalization efforts in their respective neighborhoods.

Through its Organizational Development program, LANI provides technical assistance in both the development and the ongoing support of sustainable community-driven organizations in designated LANI neighborhoods and special project areas.

Areas of assistance include:

  • Funding: Funding source referrals, funding application assistance
  • Maintenance: Landscaping, graffiti, litter
  • Outreach: Marketing efforts, stakeholder partnerships
  • Operations: Training or referrals on accounting, legal issues, insurance, office operations
  • Project Management: Project budgeting, contracts
  • Strategic Planning: Board development, budgeting, program evaluation

The goals of LANI’s Organizational Development program are addressed through the following efforts:

LANI’s Annual Community Forum

Drawing on LANI’s strong track record revitalizing diverse neighborhoods, this exciting event gathers and trains neighborhood leaders, dedicated community members and interested individuals. The goal is to recharge and inspire their continued work and provide a critical opportunity for dialogue and information sharing.

Visit the Forum page for more information.

LANI Maintenance Matching Fund Program (LANI-MMF)

The LANI-MMF Program was created in direct response to the immediate need for maintenance support expressed by LANI neighborhoods. At LANI we realize that one of the greatest challenges after improvements are implemented is finding the resources to maintain those improvements.

The LANI-MMF Program offers direct grants from $100 to $3,000 to organizations serving eligible LANI neighborhoods to assist in financing maintenance projects that will:

  • maintain or repair an existing neighborhood improvement,
  • provide a maintenance service, or
  • replace minor low-cost improvements

Examples of Eligible Projects include:

  • Cleaning/painting of street furniture and/or bus shelters
  • Cleaning/painting of streetlights
  • Community entry monument cleanup or repair
  • Crosswalk/stamped asphalt paint/repair
  • Graffiti cleanup/paint-out
  • Landscape cleanup and trimming
  • Mural refurbishing
  • Park clean-up
  • Replacement of damaged street banners
  • Minor sidewalk repair
  • Sidewalk steam cleaning
  • Street tree and tree gate maintenance
  • Tree watering

The 2017 Program is now open. Please find materials here:  LANIMMF_GrantMaterialPackage_2017