• How does LANI identify projects?

    LANI’s projects come from a variety of sources including elected officials, neighborhood councils, business associations and community members. Although many neighborhoods need LANI’s services, LANI is not a funding institution. Project funding must be secured before work can begin.

  • How are LANI's projects funded?

    Funding for LANI’s projects come from several different sources. Public entities such as elected representative offices, departments and agencies often contract with LANI to engage the community and expedite improvement  projects. LANI also routinely submits grant applications for public and private funding.

  • How long do LANI projects take to complete?

    LANI’s project timelines vary based on many factors including the scope of the project and funding requirements. All projects also include adequate time for LANI’s community engagement process.

  • What areas does LANI work within?

    LANI implements projects across Los Angeles County and beyond. Because the LANI model gives voice and is based on the needs of the individual neighborhood, LANI can effectively work in any community.