About Us


The mission of Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative (LANI) is to stimulate community-driven neighborhood revitalization. LANI facilitates stakeholder participation and decision-making, and promotes public/private partnerships that result in catalytic community improvement projects.

LANI achieves this through:

  • Community Consensus Building
  • Transportation and Pedestrian Corridor Improvements
  • Business District Revitalization
  • Urban Greening
  • Development and Support of Community Organizations


Mayor Richard Riordan and a group of dedicated transportation advocates formed LANI in 1994 as a “City Partner” to expedite public improvement projects and serve as a liaison between neighborhoods and their local governments for those projects.

In the 20 years since its founding, LANI has delivered tangible results to 32 communities across Los Angeles County. These projects have often led to community action and additional projects that have revitalized entire neighborhoods.

LANI understands that communities know best what they need. To implement this principle, LANI

  • Mobilizes stakeholders determined to turn their neighborhoods around
  • Empowers communities to make and implement decisions
  • Fosters knowledge, leadership and consensus-building skills within the community.

LANI’s projects improve community quality of life and build neighborhood main streets that reflect local pride and character. The unique combination of stakeholder empowerment and infrastructure improvements in LANI projects have attracted new businesses, jobs and customers, along with hundreds of thousands of dollars in new investments.


LANI has garnered national attention for delivering expedited projects with a significant degree of community decision-making.

  • President Clinton, Mayor Riordan, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Southern California Association of Governments have recognized LANI as a national model for stakeholder empowerment.
  • 10 national publications have profiled LANI as a model case study.
  • More than 40 national conferences have showcased LANI’s model.
  • UCLA, USC, and other colleges and universities have highlighted LANI’s process and accomplishments as examples of successful incremental community revitalization.

In 2012, LANI received four awards from the American Planning Association through the California and Los Angeles Chapters.